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February 13th, 2024

PTA Meeting Notes 05/7/2024; Next meeting May 23rd, 5pm, @MCHL

Communication: J.Rogers will continue to email about yearbook extension, book fair, and PJ night (May 16th).  

Charitable Events: Looking to schedule first event in September (Humane Society). 

Spirit Days/Nights: RedRobin spirit night pulled $111.46.  Next spirit night is MOD pizza, June 5th, 2024.  Belmont Chase location. 

Finance:  Reviewed financial info and bank statement.  PTA funded catered lunch for MCHL staff on Weds, May 8th.

Misc: Teacher Appreciation Week signups posted (catered lunch from Chipotle, dessert bar); Yearbook sales are closing 5/15

Housekeeping: Reviewing possible Field Day locations (Frying Pan Park unavailable this year).  June 8th proposed date.  J.Rogers to create Field day sign up for picnic items. Chris A to call and locate possible location options. Book Fair coming- PTA will cover shifts.  Pizza/PJ night on Thursday of that week.  [Update: Claude Moore booked for June 9th.]

*Next meeting for planning Field Day.

PTA Meeting Notes 04/30/2024; Next meeting May 7th, 5pm, @MCHL

Communication: J.Rogers to create and send sign up for Teacher Appreciation Week, Book Fair.

Charitable Events: No update. 

Spirit Days/Nights: Crumbl Cookie spirit night pulled $148.39.  

Finance:  Financial audit underway.  

Misc: Caterpillar Kits ordered for participating classrooms; items for teacher's lounge purchased from fundraiser 2023 (toaster, microwave, coffee maker). 

Housekeeping: Updated yearbook ordering. Looking to book field day and location. 

PTA Meeting Notes 03/12/2024

Communication:  J.Rogers has made the PTA bulletin board; awaiting approval for posting. 

Charitable Events: No update. 

Spirit Days/Nights: Looking into possible ChickFila fundraiser for March 2024, planning for April/May sponsorships underway. 

Finance:  Reviewed financial info and bank statement.  Currently in good standing with VA PTA: financial review submitted and accepted; insurance certification submitted and accepted; SOA issued by VA PTA.

Website: Update complete; next step is to review links and pages for user interface, particularly calendar (reported unfriendly with phones). 

Housekeeping: Spring pictures April 2nd- 4th; yearbook purchasing information will be available soon.  AHall and JRogers working with LPatterson about replacing blinds in teacher lounge and teacher needs for that space (dedicated funding from 2022 fundraiser). 

PTA Meeting Notes 02/13/2024

Communication:  Looking for ways to engage more members.  PTA to recover bulletin board from previous year.  JRogers to update.

Charitable Events: April or May ASPCA Humane Society of Fairfax drive scheduled.  Operation Gratitude (care packages for military personnel and veterans) for November 2024 on calendar

Spirit Days/Nights:  February 2024—Choolah 02/26 10:45 a.m.-9:00 p.m.? Mention MCHL or us PTA for  website.  Chuy’s on 03/07. Spirit Night and PTA social. Jasmine to send an evite or signup of some kind. Time TBD.  In School Spirit Days for February and March. 02/20 is Fancy Dress Day. 03/02 Wacky Tacky. 03/19 Sports Day. Teacher Appreciation is the first week in May.  

Finance:  reimbursement/purchase needed for Valentine's Day.  Alina Brown reviewed current status of accounts and recovery of gmail admin accounts.

Website: Chris A and Amy H to meet on 2/18 to resolve/update website

Housekeeping: Hybrid PTA meetings going forward starting in March 2024

If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@mchlpta.org