About Us

Every parent is invited to attend our MCHL PTA board meetings, which are announced in advance. Meetings are held monthly.  Information can be found on the PTA Bulletin Board found in the foyer of the school. The board is comprised of busy parents just like you; we're always looking for volunteers with assist with small or big ways to improve our school! 

Next Meeting: March 12, 5pm - 6 pm.  Hybrid option is available for this meeting.

2023–2024 PTA Board Members


Chris Arduini

(Room 1)



Alina Brown

(Room 8 &9)



Amy Hall

(Room 4)


Fundraising Chair 

Maria Moussa

(Room 2)hello@mchlpta.org

Spirit Nights

 Elizabeth Brunet

(Room 7)


Charitable Events Chair:

Olivia Hein

(Room 11)


Teacher Representative: 

Ms. Lindsey 

(Room 7/Kindergarten)

School Representative: 

Rupina Jadeja



Every level of PTA has by-laws—the local units, councils, districts, state, and even the National PTA operate within the guidelines of a by-law document.

By-laws represent the most important legal document of an association, establishing and protecting the rights of the membership. A unit’s by-laws link the association to the Virginia PTA/PTSA and National PTA by which they are chartered. It represents the written contract between the general membership and their elected officials, specifying what duties and responsibilities are assigned to each respective group. For these reasons, it is extremely important that all by-laws be current, clear in content, and accurately represent the way a local unit conducts the business of the association.

The MCHL PTA must amend its by-laws to conform with the Virginia State PTA’s current by-laws every five years.

In order to make our by-laws official, all MCHL PTA members should review our amended by-laws. These by-laws are the requirements and roles that govern our PTA’s activities. We all have a voice! Please contact the PTA board to obtain the by-laws.

The MCHL PTA general membership has reviewed the proposed amendments and voted for approval. Members were present to vote, and at least two-thirds vote of the members present approved the by-laws.